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Celtics Appreciation Day

Celtics Appreciation Day is March 9th Noon to 4pm
at the Grasshopper, 4170 Madison Ave. Hillside IL.

Planning is underway for the 2019 Appreciation Day!

This year we'll have bubble soccer throughout the entire event, 12-4pm. The tug of war was so much fun last year that we're hosting a tug of war knockout tournament each hour. Team photos will be taken and we're looking for local businesses for our vendor fair. We'll also be putting together fun clinics throughout the afternoon.

If you would like to volunteer to help with this event, please email [email protected] A sign up link will be posted in February.

Click here for information about becoming a vendor at our Appreciation Day.

Team Photos will be taken at this event. Here is the preliminary photo schedule:

Picture Time Team Name Head Coach's Name
11:45 AM 2011 Trebates Boys Bierman
11:45 AM 2010-11 Vellabori Girls Koenig
12:00 PM 2010 Vodiae Girls Koenig
12:00 PM 2010 Luceni Boys Berbari
12:15 PM 2009 Cornovii Girls Spangler
12:15 PM 2009 Demetae Girls St. Pierre
12:30 PM 2009 Cateni Boys Taylor
12:30 PM 2009 Iverni Boys Dourado
12:45 PM 2009 Robondi Boys Taylor
12:45 PM 2008 Caledones Girls Koenig
1:00 PM 2008 Iceni Girls Koenig
1:00 PM 2008 Caerini Boys Taylor
1:15 PM 2008 Novantae Boys Taylor
1:15 PM 2006 First XI Girls Bierman
1:30 PM 2006 Bibroci Girls Bierman
1:30 PM 2006 Devonii Girls St. Pierre
1:45 PM 2006 First XI Boys Labbato
1:45 PM 2006-07 Darini Boys Rout
2:00 PM 2005 First XI Boys Labbato
2:00 PM 2005 Parisii Girls Morote
2:15 PM 2005 Decantae Girls Morote
2:15 PM 2005 Scotti Boys Dourado
2:30 PM 2007 Cassi Girls Lanspeary
2:30 PM 2007 Setantii Girls Morote
2:45 PM 2007 Selgovae Girls Morote
2:45 PM 04-05 First XI Girls Gordon
3:00 PM 2000-01 First XI Varsity Girls Gordon/Emily
3:00 PM 2004 First XI Boys Kapusta
3:15 PM 2003-04 First XI Boys Bierman
3:15 PM 2003-04 Votadini Boys Dourado
3:30 PM 2002 First XI Boys Stopka & Morote
3:30 PM 2003 Concani Girls Dourado
3:45 PM 2002-03 First XI Girls Bierman
3:45 PM Trinovantes Girls Dourado

Thank you to our 2018 Vendors:

Check out some photos of our 2017 Event.

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