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What is Celtics TV?

Celtics TV is the place for your player to visit to learn new moves, see a coach in action and improve his or her game! Check the Gallery for the latest video ...  or click on any link below to see a different moves.

Juggles                                                                                        Lifts

Bounce Juggles                                                                       Mashed Potato

Juggles                                                                                    Wizard of Oz

Sole Bounce Juggles                                                              Front Lift

Around the World                                                                    Flick the Bick

Basic Juggles                                                                         Harley Davidson


Foundations                                                                         Moves

Toe Taps                                                                               Davinci

 Tic Tocs                                                                               Cruyff

Brazilian Toe Taps                                                                Stepover

Roll Stops                                                                             Scissors

Partner Nutmeg Toe Taps                                                    Fake Pullback

Partner Square Toe Taps                                                     Pullback     

Triangles                                                                              Rainbow

Roll Over Outside Cut                                                          Chapelle

Toe Taps Forward/backward                                               Rollover Stepover


Traps                                                                                  Super Fake Snake

Elevator                                                                              Snake

Sole Trap             

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