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What is Celtics TV?

Celtics TV is the place for your player to visit to learn new moves, see a coach in action and improve his or her game! Check the Gallery for the latest video ...  or click on any link below to see a different moves.

Juggles Lifts Foundations   
 Bounce Juggles  Mashed Potato Toe Taps  
 Juggles  Wizard of Oz Tic Tocs  
 Sole Bounce Juggles  Front Lift Brazilian Toe Taps  
 Around the World  Flick the Bick Roll Stops    
 Around the World Advanced Harley Davidson Partner Nutmeg Toe Taps   
 2 Foot Wall Juggles Ice Cream Scoops to Wall to Stall Partner Square Toe Taps   
 Basic Juggles   Harley Davidson Lift Triangles   
 Around the World Maradona Front Grab to Knee Stall Roll Over Outside Cut   
 5 Juggle Wall (Both Feet) Flamengo
 Toe Taps Forward/backward  
 Wall Bounce Juggles and 1 Touch Wall Juggles
 Wall Head Ball
 Foot Stall to Head Stall 
 Foot Stall to Head Stall to Neck Stall
 Juggle Up and Over    
Moves  Off the Wall Dribbling  
Davinci Left Foot Wall Passes 2 Cone Dribble Stage 1 (Basic)  
Cruyff Right Foot Wall Passes 2 Cone Dribble Stage 2 (Intermediate)  
Stepover Both Feet 3 Cone Dribble  
Scissors Chip Traps Left 4 Cone Dribble   
Pullback  Chip Traps Right10 Cone Dribble
Fake Pullback Banana Split Wall PassObstacle Course 1  
Rainbow Obstacle Course 2  
Rollover Stepover Obstacle Course 3
Land Mines  
Super Fake Snake    
Foot Stall Around the World (Advanced) 
Neck Stall to Push Up (Advanced) Traps Band Work  
Hokus Pokus (Advanced) Sole Trap Elvis Knees  
Chip Shot Trick Shot Elevator  Sidestepping  
Chip Shot #2 Inside and Outside Trap Squats  
Defensive/Offensive Workout Air Cruyff Monster Walks  
  All Traps   

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